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We believe any exposure to arts and culture awakens a person's intuitive creativity. We also think self-expression in any form when properly nurtured breaks down barriers and equips people of all ages with the ability and freedom to tap into their highest potential. This freedom also allows a person an opportunity to manifest unforeseen growth in themselves and their community.



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Cindy G. Foley President, Co-Founder, Executive Director, USAF Veteran, military spouse, mother of 3 with Hip Hop cultural background in community-arts engagement with an emphasis on pedagogy development.

Member of the National Dance Education Organization with a Masters in Human Relations and certificates in Social Justice and Diversity. 

Cindy Foley’s vision is to lead an organization that fosters positive self expression and skills to artists by instilling the best values and benefits that the Hip Hop culture has to offer.




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In-Flight Crew Member, JetBlue Airlines 

Wife and mother of 3 fur-babies with Hip Hop cultural background in breaking and community event support.  Founding member of the breaking crew,

FloorAngelz Crew, Orlando, FL. Bachelors in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida and maintains meeting minutes and agendas.

Being a B-girl has been an amazing experience. Meeting like-minded people, traveling, and enjoying the good vibes. The competitions make you stronger mentally and physically. Overall, Breaking makes you better in the sense of showmanship, and sportsmanship. 


Vice President/Athlete

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Candy G. Foelix Vice President, Co-Founder, Creative Director Holistic Wellness expert, wife, and mother of 2 with Hip Hop cultural background in community-arts engagement projects with emphasis in professional and personal development.

She has been breaking for more than 20 years and adds experience in areas connected with local, regional, national and, international competitions, community based organizations and academia

Live Streamer + Podcaster @soulidarityllc 






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Kellie Artis is the COO of MILLIE,


a startup focused on alleviating the stress of frequent relocations felt by military families by connecting them with objective resources and vetted service providers.

Kellie serves on several boards including the Military Family Advisor Network advisory board (2017-19 and 19-21 cohorts); a community theater company called Sweet Tea Shakespeare, and the executive board for Child of this Culture Foundation.

Kellie earned her Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication with a double minor in Business Administration and Spanish from the College of Charleston, SC. 

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Cindy Foley

President and CEO

Galen Takamura

Senior Advisor

Carla Carr

Secretary and Membership Services & SafeSport Manager

Todd Clark & Andre Cummings

General Counsel

Chris Bland & Laura Leandra

Media Team

Keyla Escribano

Community Outreach Advocate

Candy Foelix

Vice President and

Chief of Strategy & Growth

Reginald Brown

Chief of Membership Services

Kellie Artis

Treasurer and Chief of Marketing & Communications

Brad Whitten, CPA, CVA Partner


Ariel St.Hilaire

Director Passport to Hip Hop

Dr. Susanna Liu

Chief of Sport

Dr. Mariah Bullock

Athletic Psychologist

Dr. Sean Martin

Medical Manager/National Team

Dr. Tasha Iglesias

Adapted Athlete Services & Research

Nefeli Tsouti

Dance Scientist & Researcher, Breaking Injury Prevention, Project Breakalign

Yonatan Asher Vexler

Researcher, Sport Science Research for the sport of Breaking