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Hip Hop, Hip Hop what do you do?”

There are 5 pillars of the Hip Hop culture, DJing, Breaking, Graffiti, Emceeing, and knowledge. "I am Hip Hop” picture book embodies knowledge and understanding by bringing to life sneakers, records, a spray can, and a microphone as they “rhyme, break, spin and spray paint!”

After becoming mothers, Candy and Cindy were compelled to instill the positive values they gained as bgirls within the Hip Hop culture to our youngest citizens. With the help of their friends and family, they created this book to help educate the public young and old about the positive art forms within the Hip Hop culture.


Our Series of On-Demand Tutorials is the perfect way to gain an introduction to Breaking and Hip-Hop with School of Breaking instructors, from the comfort of your own home! Exclusively on Vimeo, utilize our On-Demand Tutorials on mobile, tablet, or even your smart TV and work on movements at your own pace.

You can purchase a monthly subscription for each series or rent a single tutorial, to learn one special move. 

Company Logo of ATL Bench

Ideal for your next corporate gathering, graffiti team-building workshops are a fun and unique way to bring staff together in a collaborative and creative setting. Groups of any size will benefit from expert facilitators who have over 20 years of street art experience. Workshops may include a brief "history of graffiti" segment, live breakdancing, and takeaway panels.


Materials include water-based aerosol paints, which are ideal for indoor spaces and participants who are sensitive to fumes.

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Few things are as difficult as breaking. If you can figure out breaking, you can figure out life. Just Don’t Stop is our motto. Keep going until you figure it out. In a world of quitters, we believe that just continuing forward, day after day, will make you successful.


When our bodies are strong, we can push our limits. Generation BBoy wants to keep you strong. We’ve experienced countless injuries. Don’t do what we do, do what we tell you to do! Protect your body first.

We provide the best and popular breaking gear directly to BBoys and BGirls worldwide.

Huh Oh Studios

Huh Oh Studios.

Your home for your creative passions since 2018.

We offer classes, open practice spaces, and jams to help you elevate your craft. Servicing the youth through adults, everyone is welcome here to work on their art and collaborate with the community.

We have The Journey Hip Hop Academy, which focuses on classical hip hop education, as well as The Elevate Your Craft Jam Series which takes place bi-monthly for competitors to go head-to-head in style specific battles. 


Check out our site for more info and ways that you can get involved!


MAC is about leveraging the power of the arts to help create stronger community connections, learn new skills, and enable our local military service members, veterans and their families to unleash their inner creativity.


The MAC program is also designed to generate new economic opportunities for local artists and arts organizations, and to provide training and ongoing guidance for participating Artist Facilitators.

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