I am Hip Hop
By Cindy Foley

“Hip Hop, Hip Hop what do you do?”

There are 5 pillars of the Hip Hop culture, DJing, Breaking, Graffiti, Emceeing and knowledge. "I am Hip Hop” picture book embodies knowledge and understanding by bringing to life sneakers, records, a spray can and microphone as they “rhyme, break, spin and spray paint!”

After becoming mothers, Candy and Cindy were compelled to instill the positive values they gained as bgirls within the Hip Hop culture to our youngest citizens. With the help of their friends and family they created this book to help educate the public young and old about the positive art forms within the Hip Hop culture.

We are so excited to present our latest project, “Bbaby” step by step breaking dance video!  

Since 2012, we have shared the Hip Hop tradition of breaking to over 500 children across the U.S. and Puerto Rico! After so many parent requests and our fortunate collaboration with Laura Leandra Productions, our production team, we are now ready to share Bbaby with you!  

Our program is fun, easy to follow and developmentally prepared from over 2 years of BBaby classes and workshops. We broke down the lessons in the most basic form to help anyone learn.

 Get Inspried, Get Creative! Express yourself!

Candy & Cindy