Child of this Culture Foundation (COTC FND) is a non-for-profit-corporation organized for charitable and educational purposes. All volunteer Board of Directors comprised of professional artists, professional dance competitors, event organizers, national community leaders and women dedicated to fostering a positive image of the hip-hop culture to diverse audiences of all ages through arts, sports, cultural education, research and positive connections. 


The Child of this Culture Workshop Series is the first major initiative with events throughout the U.S and Puerto Rico with programming targeted in 3 Areas and tailored for all ages. 

1)Youth Development – Preparing America’s youth for success in school, active citizenship, productive work, and healthy and safe lives, including a deep commitment to our female initiative program focused on empowering and providing young women the same successes as males across the hip-hop landscape. 

2)Economic Opportunity – Increasing economic opportunities for hip-hop artists, competitors, business owners and entrepreneurs by providing performing opportunities, training, mentoring and hiring opportunities for artists and competitors. Professional and personal development of artists' participation of our community arts engagement projects.  Increase support and collaboration for grassroots projects such as Rock Steady for Life Foundation projects towards national disasters recovery and women projects such as Bgirl City and Rockwell Dance Academy National Dance Championships. 

3)Healthy Futures – Promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing the risk factors that can lead to illness. With a goal that 85% of youth participants will learn body awareness, how to relieve stress, and develop a positive attitude by staying active and healthy and 95% of participants will spark their imagination, nurture individual creativity and embrace diversity. 

COTC FND supports dozens of charitable events annually, including workshops, teaching clinics and performances in libraries, schools, colleges, community centers, museums and charity events both large and small. 

During its six year's COTC FND has served over 2,800 kids and families across 13 states California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, Washington D.C. & Puerto Rico.  Additionally, we have serviced annual dance programming with military-connected children in Fort Bragg, NC & Tinker AFB, OK and Hohenfels, Germany. Annual Urban Arts Project in Orlando, FL made possible by the United Arts of Central Florida Mini-Grant support. 


Child of this Culture Foundation is possible through partnerships, sponsorship, corporate grants and individual donors. COTC FND offers a broad range of sponsorship opportunities for businesses, organizations or persons seeking to promote their message, products, and services to a discerning, diverse national audience. Your team will benefit by partnering with a unique, highly visible, national organization that celebrates our diverse American culture, heritage and ever developing traditions. The future of COTC includes the expansion of our programs and services in Latin American and Europe by 2019!  

Child of this Culture Foundation is a Tax-Exempt Public Charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 



Candy G. Molia wants to live in a world where there is peace, love and unity.

As a Bgirl (female breakdancer) and Hip Hop community leader, she has been spotlighted on WhoCanRoasttheMost exhibition series as first female 5 round exhibition (2002), Power Style Radio(2014), The Bboy Spot blog(2013), Red Bull Blog (2014) and Laura Leandra Productions (2014).

Her dance theater work “Bgirl Ballet” was featured in Martha Cooper’s  “We BGirlz” book tour and “All The Ladies Say” documentary (2006). She has received awards  at PROAM Games International Conference (2013), Rock the Floor National Championship(2015), Bgirl City(2015), and SouthEast Championship  (2015)for her contribution and preservation of the hip-hop culture.

She was recently honored to teach a “Breakin’ Pedagogy” masterclass for the “Path to Hip Hop” teen camp (2015).

When she’s not teaching, lecturing, judging and competing in dance competitions, you can find her healing professional athletes, and watching Anime with her amazing 11 year old daughter.

Her recently released picture book, “I am Hip Hop” is currently available on Amazon.


Learn how to rhyme, break, spin and paint at

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Cindy Foley’s vision is to lead an organization that fosters positive self expression and skills to artists by instilling the best values and benefits that the Hip Hop culture has to offer.  She was born in the Republic of Panama grew up in a military family.  Her family settled down in Orlando, Florida where she considers her hometown.  She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and commissioned into the USAF to pursue a career as an Air Battle Manager on the E-3 Sentry, or AWACS.  Major Foley flew over 1,500 hours, 350 of which were in combat support over Iraq and Afghanistan(2007). She separated with an honorable discharge in 2011 to stay home and care for her children (while still working as a USAF reservist).  Soon after, she founded the Child of this Culture.  

She’s been featured in the Fayetteville Observer, City View Magazine, Paraglide, The Bboy Spot blog, RedBull Blog and Laura Leandra Production.  Her work with COTC FND has been honored by numerous events and organization within the Hip Hop community for her contribution and preservation of the hip-hop culture.  Her recently-released picture book, “I am Hip Hop” is now available on as well as her instructional kids dance video, “Bbaby” is also available on  As a member of the National Dance Education organization, her article, “From Bgirl to Bbaby” will appear in the national Journal of Dance Education in the spring of 2016 where she shares her experiences in creating a hip-hop dance pedagogy for young children.  

When she’s not sharing or teaching about the hip-hop culture, you can find her organizing events for her military spouse’s group or spending valuable time with her military family, Patrick Foley, their three young children, Mary, Jane and Joseph.  Her hope is that her work will inspire global change and diversity across the hip-hop landscape.


"I am a child of this culture

I see stars beneath the water, while rabbits run behind blue bushes.

I spy no consequences for coloring on the lines.

My crayons don’t melt like M&Ms in my mouth.

My pieces resembled eggs caressed at the bottom of the nest,

I won’t rest, my legs transport me in and out of castles,

Dazzled by neon hazard symbols.

Until jiggles come with the deliverance of icicle pops,

Running to my pops, Mr Hip Hop on my block.

Ma dukes feeds me, now I puke other methods skillfully.

Birds lead the herds, combining the sky and the earth.

Is this mixture worth the exploration,

Individuals adding inspiration, many still deceased by procrastination,

Afraid of this brainwashed nation.

I was introduced through of cup of caffeine,

Given ginseng to provide the energies.

I walked into the six step program,

I don’t sacrifice lambs, I just pray.

Reason Jesus was slayed on the cross,

Frost bitten by old man winter.

I decided to train, instead of getting easy props for being a female in Hip hop.

Unnamed in my terrible twos, feeling the real hues behind Venus and Mars.

I swim across the lake to land prospectively on a mission,

Among frozen figures on hardwood floors,

I listen to the doors, I don’t fake the funk,

My chores require the help of Celia Cruz and The Roots,

Then enter the garaje again to bruise my ego.

I am a child of this culture, I see stars beneath the waters, while rabbits run behind blue bushes."



Cindy Foley

Candy Molia

Kellie Artis

Carla Palecek

Ricardo Soto


Candy Molia

Cindy Foley

Patrick Foley

Pascal Foelix

Carla Palecek-Carr

Ashley Carr

Karen “Beta” Langebeck

Eddie “Tragic” Serrano

Alfredo “Lego” Sotelo

Robert “Fantum” Bell

Rudi Goblen

Keyla Escribano

Ariel “Flashback” St. Hilaire

Kevin “Newcre” Sanchez

Amaris Estevez

Adam “Atomic” Vargas

DJ Immortal

Valerie Montero

Honey Rockwell

Windy Winders

Ryoji Tucci

Nina Soul

Myke Butler

Hilary Sayers

Daniel Rettner

Linzi Jiang

Nick Samsel

Kristina Bowling

Tyler Bowling



Laura Leandra Productions


Todd Baker

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DJ Ill-Set

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