Candy G. Molia wants to live in a world where there is peace, love and unity.

As a Bgirl (female breakdancer) and Hip Hop community leader, she has been spotlighted on WhoCanRoasttheMost exhibition series as first female 5 round exhibition (2002), Power Style Radio(2014), The Bboy Spot blog(2013), Red Bull Blog (2014) and Laura Leandra Productions (2014).

Her dance theater work “Bgirl Ballet” was featured in Martha Cooper’s  “We BGirlz” book tour and “All The Ladies Say” documentary (2006). She has received awards  at PROAM Games International Conference (2013), Rock the Floor National Championship(2015), Bgirl City(2015), and SouthEast Championship  (2015)for her contribution and preservation of the hip-hop culture.

She was recently honored to teach a “Breakin’ Pedagogy” masterclass for the “Path to Hip Hop” teen camp (2015).

When she’s not teaching, lecturing, judging and competing in dance competitions, you can find her healing professional athletes, and watching Anime with her amazing 11 year old daughter.

Her recently released picture book, “I am Hip Hop” is currently available on Amazon.


Learn how to rhyme, break, spin and paint at

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Cindy Foley’s vision is to lead an organization that fosters positive self expression and skills to artists by instilling the best values and benefits that the Hip Hop culture has to offer.  She was born in the Republic of Panama grew up in a military family.  Her family settled down in Orlando, Florida where she considers her hometown.  She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and commissioned into the USAF to pursue a career as an Air Battle Manager on the E-3 Sentry, or AWACS.  Major Foley flew over 1,500 hours, 350 of which were in combat support over Iraq and Afghanistan(2007). She separated with an honorable discharge in 2011 to stay home and care for her children (while still working as a USAF reservist).  Soon after, she founded the Child of this Culture.  

She’s been featured in the Fayetteville Observer, City View Magazine, Paraglide, The Bboy Spot blog, RedBull Blog and Laura Leandra Production.  Her work with COTC FND has been honored by numerous events and organization within the Hip Hop community for her contribution and preservation of the hip-hop culture.  Her recently-released picture book, “I am Hip Hop” is now available on as well as her instructional kids dance video, “Bbaby” is also available on  As a member of the National Dance Education organization, her article, “From Bgirl to Bbaby” will appear in the national Journal of Dance Education in the spring of 2016 where she shares her experiences in creating a hip-hop dance pedagogy for young children.  

When she’s not sharing or teaching about the hip-hop culture, you can find her organizing events for her military spouse’s group or spending valuable time with her military family, Patrick Foley, their three young children, Mary, Jane and Joseph.  Her hope is that her work will inspire global change and diversity across the hip-hop landscape.



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